Embodiment for Endings and New Beginnings

Embodiment for Endings and New Beginnings

Welcoming a year of transformation and new beginnings to grow into your best self!

The beginning of each New Year symbolizes the possibility of a new beginning or focusing on a new perception, improving on making new changes. It can be a dream a new project, job promotion, new relationship or moving to a new country.

To most people, a New Year increases our spirit to positive realizations, that somehow, the possibility exists, that things will be better. In order for wishes to become realities, the mind needs to be in sync with the attitude towards achieving new goals. Elevating higher states of consciousness begins with refining, and developing both inwardly and outwardly. Having the will power to heighten the commitment to take action. The mindset requires enough energy to push towards this new undertaking.

Many factors contribute to starting anew and at times this seems a little scary.  Letting go of endings is a karmic release, letting go of what is no longer needed in one’s life. This allows for something new to emerge, each start symbolizes what at times is necessary to one’s life and needs to be able to blossom into the soul’s development . For most people this is difficult to transition through, many times it is easier to hold onto what we are familiar with. Beginning something new for many people, can be the last option because of fearing the unknown.

Embodiment is the start of a new journey which begins with believing in your purpose, it is not surface wishing, the mind takes action according to the strength of your assurance, when this belief inside of you, is your foundation the possibility is enforced and it becomes your stable structure to pursue your dreams.

It is like a new subliminal message embedded into your mindset to let go of uncertainties, fears and old patterns of thought, into a new energetic blueprint, uplifting your souls intention. It is about finding that ignition with you, that sparks your will power to make you take action to pursue what is living deep within your hearts desires to accomplish your goals.

Letting go is the perfect karmic release a method for clearing and cleansing your motivation to move forward, to bring in something new into your life, and your body and mind.

It is so important to focus on living in the present moment and not focusing on the past moments such as the what if’s, should haves or could have. Spiritual maturity is also an awareness that must be made conscious.   Spiritual growth increases our understanding of the multiple layers of the subconscious mind.

Contemplation and reviewing the past years, the shifts that have transpired and journaling the positive and negative influences. With living we all gain lessons that influence us each day and help us with cultivating wiser decisions. Each time we learn to become aware of patterns that no longer serve us we are ready to make a new shift and transmute energies.

Making change begins with:

1. Wanting to be a new person,

2. Reflecting on making positive transitions,

3. Putting these conscious thoughts into action,

4. Making new choices to activate your decision,

5. Doing new things that you did not take on in the past,

6. Enacting new ideas, perception, health choices, activities etc.

7. Profound reflection, into your soul that is a part of yourself, and not superficial wants and materialistic gains.

If we do not shift our energetic focus than the identical lifestyle experiences of the past will continue, there must be a technique that you introduce to create the changes in yourself first to be able to start a dynamic relationship with yourself and your goals.

Embodiment requires a sharp conscious mind and an understanding of the presence and purpose of the soul. To no longer continue imprisoned in a cluttered mind. To receive inspiration we must be in alignment with our true identity.

Firmly confirm in your mind that you will let your intuition guide you in making new changes that are needed, for starting new projects, new ideas, and taking new directions in life. Put action to your thoughts, your desire for an outcome that you can enjoy and be with less stress.

Our mind is in constant movement constantly inquiring, thinking, changing, when inspired the senses awaken to curiosity, creativity and this increases understanding life from a new perspective that leads to a prosperous life.

Practice affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, energy healing, and meditation to open yourself to receiving guidance and entering your body to be able to focus on attaining your goals!

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Embodiment for Endings and New Beginnings

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