Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

Plants-based diet is the new trend! The yogic diet has always focused on eating a vegetarian or vegan diet for many centuries. On the other hand, the Western world, has been conditioned to consume a meat derived diet that has been proven many times that many ailments can be caused from consuming a diet that is high in saturated fats. A diet that is dense, is harmful for absorption and for properly digesting the food, which sits in the gut for up to 48 hours. This can also create a lethargic system mentally and physically.

What you eat affects you entirely. There is a saying that says ” you are what you eat”. This is so true. A light diet keeps you light, fresh and energized all day and everyday! Whatever you eat affects your body. What I enjoy about yoga is that practicing yoga does not end on the mat; its core purpose is to make you whole and to give you a sense of oneness. Yogis have known for some time that meat consumption declines your emotional and physical health, and that a plant-based diet is the best approach for yogis and everyone else.

When you continuously practice energy healing, healthy eating and Yoga, you become self-aware of your body which helps to change your eating habits. Consuming vegetables gives you all the necessary nutrients that are required for your body and your mind. The importance is to attain a strong energetic system that keeps you alert and healthy. A plant-based diet consists of vegetables, grains, fruits, spices, and herbs. Here are some benefits:

  • A plant-based diet has a lower risk of severe diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.
  • Regulates your body’s metabolism.
  • Eating vegetables creates a healthy glow and gives you essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 
  • Vegetables are quick and easy to prepare and cook and is healthy for all ages. 
  • Healthy eating and integrating activity, meditation, yoga, energy healing will lead to inner balance and peace. A healthy and light diet, lightens your day!

Yoga practitioners try to live by this yogic philosophy principle: The three Gunas; Sattva, Tamas and Rajas

Sattva – in Ayurveda is the stage of liberation after regulating the other two Gunas. This Guna represents, activity, peace, expansion, light, harmony, joy, compassion, etc. Can negatively lead to wishful thinking, spiritual bypass if not in balance. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables that bring calmness and hormonal balance to your body. Refrain from harming animals they are also to be respected as a living sentient being.
Tamas: – inertia, inactivity, darkness, instability, materialism, overeating, etc. Tamas leads humans away from their spiritual attainment. This creates laziness, shame, guilt, boredom, stress, attachments, etc. Eating dull meals, heavy meats, that are spoiled, chemically treated, processed, and stimulants.
Rajas – energy, action, movement, the motivation to want to move forward in our career and goals in life. Attainment, passion, desire, determination, chaos, etc. Can lead to craving, attachments, overworking, over-consumption with food and materialistic products, overthinking, etc. Eating influences are fried foods, spicy foods and stimulants such as coffee.

These Gunas, can be balanced by learning how to effectively eat a healthy fresh and organic diet to help stop unnecessary eating. Vegetable-rich food, improves energy, healthier skin glow, improves muscle stability, reduces inflammation, and less prone to infectious disease. 

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Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

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